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Cellulite and Stretch Marks Defense Balm Love my Body

    Cellulite and Stretch Marks Defense Balm Love my Body

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    Volume / Weight: 150ml

    Cellulite and Stretch Marks Defense Balm Love my Body

    This beautifying moisturizing balm with hyaluronic acid, the Dermochlorella active ingredient and a complex of plant extracts is effective against stretch marks and cellulite. Dermochlorella stimulates the formation of main skin components such as collagen, elastin and laminin and prevents their degradation. Hyaluronic acid helps skin regeneration. A plant extract complex (kelp, ivy, bitter orange, rosemary, Centella) reduces the appearance of cellulite.

     It helps eliminate all skin imperfections (such as stretch marks, red veins and cellulite) and helps prevent the formation of new ones. It makes your skin stronger and improves its resistance, firmness and elasticity.

    SKIN TYPE : 

    For all skin types.

    USE : 

    Apply twice a day onto the problematic parts of your body using circular motions to achieve beautiful and smooth skin.

    RESULT :

    A clinical study has shown that as many as 73% of the participants experienced reduced stretch mark visibility after 1 month of use.


    • Contains the Dermochlorella active ingredient, hyaluronic acid and a complex of plant extracts
    • It helps visibly restore the appearance of stretch marks and the firmness of your skin



    About Dermacol
    The original Czech brand Dermacol has been cherishing female beauty for over half a century. One of the first covering foundations in the world were developed in Dermacol’s Czech laboratory. It began being used by Hollywood in the 1960s, and ever since, Dermacol has been synonymous with perfect skin make-up, not only in the Czech Republic but all over the world