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Tissue Hydrating and Nourishing Mask
Tissue Hydrating and Nourishing Mask
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    Tissue Hydrating and Nourishing Mask

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    Volume / Weight: 15ml

    This hydrating and nourishing 3D cloth mask with a honey extract and a vitamin complex perfectly moisturizes, softens and nourishes your skin. The honey extract has antimicrobial, moisturizing and regenerative effects. Moreover, it is an effective antioxidant, soothes your skin and prevents inflammation. Vitamins A, H, B5 and E regulate the water content in your skin, enhance your natural skin tone, moisturize and make your skin firmer.

    USE :

    Remove the 3D cloth mask from the packaging, place over your face (the mask is very comfortable and will completely adjust to the shape of your face). Leave on for just 10 minutes.

    RESULT :

    Hydrated and nourished skin


    • It contains a complex of vitamins that moisturizes and lifts your skin while making it firmer.
    • An innovative cloth form
    • Easy application
    • Excellent results in just 10 minutes!


    About Dermacol
    The original Czech brand Dermacol has been cherishing female beauty for over half a century. One of the first covering foundations in the world were developed in Dermacol’s Czech laboratory. It began being used by Hollywood in the 1960s, and ever since, Dermacol has been synonymous with perfect skin make-up, not only in the Czech Republic but all over the world