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Sheer Face Illuminator - Fresh Rose
Sheer Face Illuminator - Fresh Rose
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    Sheer Face Illuminator - Fresh Rose

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    Volume / Weight: 15 ml

    Sheer Face Illuminator - Fresh Rose 

    It softly evens your skin tone while making it immediately brighter. It improves the appearance of your skin and makes it more beautiful and younger looking for a long day or night. It emphasizes and sculpts your facial features. Light-reflecting particles optically camouflage your wrinkles, the dark circles under your eyes and other imperfections. It's ultra light texture with silicone, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E smoothens your skin, moisturizes it and softens it. With a fine fragrance and in practical packaging with a dispenser. Our tips: - Mix a small amount of the fluid into your moisturizer for an immediate illuminating effect. - Make your face look optically longer by applying a small amount both above and below your eyebrows and on your chin. - Gently tap the fluid onto your cheekbones to make them stand out. - You can also gently tap the fluid onto your eyelids and both in the inner and outer corners of your eyes to make your eyes brighter and appear bigger. - You can also use it to soften any dark areas along your nose. - If you want to make your nose seem narrower, make a thin line from the bridge to the tip. - To emphasize your lips, frame them on the outside and tap some fluid above your upper lip.

    USE : 

    This beautifying fluid can be applied as desired and needed:

    A) You can apply it over your moisturizer before your make-up or even leave it on without any make-up.

    B) You can mix the fluid with your make-up (the final effect depends on the concentration you choose).

    C) You can also apply it after your make-up. It can be used all over your face or locally (around your eyes, under your eyes, between your eyebrows, on the ridge and tip of your nose, cheekbones, chin, etc.), on your décolletage and any other parts of your body that you wish to illuminate and make look brighter.

    RESULT : 

    Beautifully glowing, fresh and healthy skin.

    • practical packaging with a dispenser
    • Finely fragranced
    • Paraben-free
    • For all skin types
    • Suitable both for your face and body (décolletage, arms, etc.)


    About Dermacol
    The original Czech brand Dermacol has been cherishing female beauty for over half a century. One of the first covering foundations in the world were developed in Dermacol’s Czech laboratory. It began being used by Hollywood in the 1960s, and ever since, Dermacol has been synonymous with perfect skin make-up, not only in the Czech Republic but all over the world