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3 Steps to Get Perfect Matte Look

by Dermacol India on February 23, 2019

When you feel beautiful, you feel good and when you feel good, you do better. There are two things to remember – 1. Every person is beautiful and 2. They can be more beautiful using makeup. So, whether you are going to work or getting ready for some party or event, all you need is a flawless canvas. Especially in winters, the skin tends to be dehydrated that leads to dry spots, redness making it more noticeable with unhealthy skin color. So, what’s the solution? How can we get perfect skin? Well, Dermacol Make-up cover is the key to get the flawless perfect skin.

In this article, we will guide you through 3 simple steps to get your perfect skin.

Make-up Base

Dermacol Make-up Base By Dermacol India

Take small amount of base and apply it under your make-up on cleansed skin which has been treated with cream or moisturizer. Gently spread it over your entire face using fingertips. The base will smoothen the skin surface, fill in the fine lines, and will prevent your make-up from accumulating from the skin. You will have a matte and smooth skin which eventually makes the application of your make-up much easier. The Satin Make-up Base is the bestseller globally and you can use it as a base under any foundation. It is recommended to use it with Dermacol Make-up Cover to get matte perfect skin.


Dermacol Foundation by Dermacol India

It is important to choose the right shade for a natural look. Take appropriate time while choosing your make-up shade. It will always be good if you compare the shades under natural light. Take the foundation and test it on the top of your hand or on your jawline would be best. You can compare your skin tone with one of the 12 models having different skin tone here.

    Apply small amount of foundation on your face and tap it gently with your fingerprints, sponge, or the cosmetic brush which is designed specially for the foundation. Now begin from your forehead, gently proceed towards the hairline and continue it to your cheeks and chin. Lastly, apply the foundation on your nose and chin and don’t forget about your neck to avoid the visible skin color transitions. Make sure you apply the foundation evenly and for this always proceed from the center to the sides of your face.

    Fixing Powder

    Dermacol Fixing Powder By Dermacol India

    Use the Invisible Fixing Powder to lock in your make-up. It will help you to achieve the perfect look. It completely goes to your skin without leaving any visible powder film and does not change the color of your foundation. Your skin will look matte, healthy and fresh appearance. The powder effectively protects your make-up from fading. It has 4 different shades allowing you to use the fixing powder not only to mattifying your skin but also to make it glow and enhance your features. Apply the powder with powder puff or a large powder brush.

      Appreciate yourself, highlight your beauty, let it shine and see what happens next with the amazing Dermacol Make-up Cover.